Saturday, 6 March 2010

Luke and the boys!

Luke and the boys contacted me for a private group day. After taking them through the skills check and then onto pumping and unwieighting the bike we moved onto the drop technique.
Here's Mark getting it right.
We then moved onto a trail and broke it down into 3 sections, the top being corners. John led the way with his looking and footwork.
Josh showed great commitment and confidence on the drop off.
Luke nailed the drop section 1st time and all showed how to use the trails energy for themselves.

Mark took a tumble and sat out for a while as the lads showed how to rail the trail from top to bottom.
All in all , the day flowed really well and the boys all left with a new skill set and renewed confidence in their own abilties.
Cheers boys!

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  1. Awesome day, After 30 years of riding and being consistently rubbish Tony has transformed the way I ride. The next day we rode Whytes Level at Afan and felt like we had more confidence, flowing into turns and taking jumps/drops that had previously been considered too big, scary or just impossible. Highly recommended.