Monday, 15 March 2010

Intermediate session round up

Today I ran a public intermediate session which 4 riders pre- booked onto. After going through the skills check and onto the pumping technique, we moved onto un-weighting the bike.
We then moved onto the main trail and worked on the skills present in the technique for cornering. Kev really got into it.
Jeff started to really flow through sections and his footwork was becoming automatic.
Clares' looking along the trail was worked on and she started looking into what's next rather than now!
Mike really got the hang of the drop technique as did ALL the other riders. We ended the session flowing top to bottom on the trails andall the riders demonstrated trail energy managment.
A great day all round ended with coffee,beer and chips!

1 comment:

  1. Great day Tony - thanks for that. We went to Thetford yesterday and both found cornering loads better. Really excited. Never managed to get the looking thing going before - no matter how much we knew that we should. Also did 7 little jumps! Delighted. Never managed a "proper" jump in 4 years of trying. This is just the start! Great training. Keep it going. Cheers, Clare