Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Building Keiths' skills

Keith contacted me for coaching and said he is having confidence issues. after the skills health check I could see what skills were missing and set about correcting this.
Keith took to pumping the trail easily and we moved onto un weighting the front wheel.
This led into the drop technique and soon Keiths confidence and commitment was soaring.
We worked on footwork and looking at what's next on the trail and applied it to cornering.
We even sorted out his big fear "air time on jumps".
We ended our session by knitting it all together on a very tight natural trail and keith was using his energy management sweetly.
An awesome day on every count!
Thank you Keith.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks yet again Tony - our day was probably the single best upgrade I'll ever put on my bike. I feel like the improvements we made on the day will allow me to really develop my riding, and most importantly I now have the ability to analyse what I did if things go wrong (and right of course!).