Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A 1 to 1 skills session for Lee

 Lee attended a public skills session last year and wanted a one to one session to bring on his riding further. I could see during the skills check that I needed to work on his body positioning and also his mental skills also.
 We began with cornering and using half the skills trail worked on linking 4 corners to pre jumping and a rock garden, later adding in absorbing upslopes and steps  to stick to the ground . lee is no slouch on a bike and it was showing as he was flying along.
I moved onto the drop technique and I was able to work with Lee on moving the bike in the air to begin to style it too. Later we moved onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump to work on jumping at different speeds and controlling take off and landing using the skills sets.
I moved on to work on applying his new body position to riding steep drop offs and different ways of riding down them and once again, after using his mental skills, he rode them easily.

 We moved again onto another trail and I worked on manualing sections on the trail.
For our final task, I wanted to work on his fear of ladder drops and once I had given Lee control of that environment, he was able to ride along high ladders with ease and commit to the gap ladder drop. Our session came to a close after a couple more goes as mentally he was tired. Amazing progession Lee

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