Friday, 8 July 2011

July's public jump and drops session

Andi, Marcus, Tom, Simon, Chris and Ian gathered at the Herts skills area for my jumps and drops session.
Once I corrected their natural push technique and changed bike set ups, we set to work on applying the skill set to drops.
All riders rode all 3 drops and were landing perfectly. I worked on body positioning so they could begin to style it in the air.

We then did a bit of work on corners before working on linking drops into corners. I worked on braking areas and line choice.

We then moved on to jumping technique and used a fly out jump to flat to work on it confidently before moving onto the 6ft tabletop.
I worked on body position, footwork and looking as well as the mental skill set also as they used their push to jump the tabletop smoothly.
Some used their mental skills to great effect and rode the 6ft gap jump too, over and over again and also began styling it too!
Finally, I moved us onto a 9ft gap jump and for the riders who had the mental skill set add up correctly they all rode it.

All in all, an awesome session and I look forward to their feedback on future rides.


  1. Cheers Tony.. a great day (still buzzing from the gap jump!) and loads to think about and practise! Came complete with free sunburn too - wouldn't have guessed after the way the day started.. Simon.

  2. Cheers Tony for a great session!

    I've been trying to work out how to do your coaching justice in words and it isn't easy. For one, your love for what you do and the excitement at seeing people progress is unmisseable. That's a massive boost for anyone who is lacking in confidence as some of our group were.

    You break it down in to such a simple, natural format so that people like myself who dont think about what they do, they just do it, can easily take it on board.

    You don't push anyone forward, you build their confidence in their existing skills and suggest a small next step to the point where people who at the start of the session looked uncomfortable in the air became confident, stylish and were riding way beyond what they had thought was possible.

    This only scratches the surface of what you do but hopefully people will begin to get an idea of how worthwhile your course is. Thanks again!


  3. Echo what was said above great session.

    Came away buzzing and feeling like a real improvement had been made and really looking forward to putting everything in to practice.

    Check out my comments on session -

  4. Just to echo again all of the above - a fantastic day and undoubtedly the best money I have ever spent on my bike.

    I'll be back for more soon!