Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Father and son return

Henry and his dad Colin had a session with me back in June 2011 and returned for a follow up session. I could see that they had worked on the skills since our session and I needed to work on looking and body position now as well as their mental skills. We moved onto the 3 drops that I use to isolate the technique and they rode all 3 of them with relative ease.
From there, we moved across to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and once again worked on the application of the skills set in that context. I worked hard on their mental skills and after a while they were both sailing over it and Colin even rode the gap jump too!
 Onto cornering and I worked hard on their body positioning and they were soon linking four corners, pump bumps and rock gardens together and loving it. I knew from our previous session that they tire quickly when learning so I kept distance to a minimum and isolated segments of trails to work on them . I worked on rolling steeps into corners and also on riding long steeps with their new riding positions and they remarked on how controlled it felt. To end our session we worked on linking drops into corners and the braking areas and line choice before mental tiredness hit home and our session came to a close.
See you in April!


  1. Hi Tony, thanks for a really good day riding ive deffenetly learnt alot more! can't wait to put them to practice soon. My jumping and cornering has deffenetly come along alot better too so thanks again!
    See you soon

  2. Wow Tony, What a day, still buzzing now. Thanks for a wicked day, am so chuffed i cleared the gap jump. I was very nervous since my crash but you worked your " Jedi magic" and i overcome it and am feeling much more confident now.
    Thanks again