Thursday, 7 June 2012

Leon and Darren's journey of discovery

Leon and Darren ride together and have a vast difference in experience. Darren has only been riding since xmas and Leon for a lot longer and he has tried to help him along but himself had issues with confidence after a crash 3 years ago. We began with the skills check and I found looking and body positioning were missing in their skill sets and I made some set up changes to correct these.
 We moved onto the drop sections to begin with and it took them no time at all to ride them all and feel very comfortable in doing so!
After a short while we moved onto the skills trail and we used the top half first. I covered pre jumping and using the gained speed to link in the following berm, flat corner, rock garden, berm and switchback. It took a  body position excersize to really ope  their eyes to the world of grip in turns and soon they were beginning to fly. After a break we moved onto the last half of the trail where the skill set was used to  begin to jump and also I demonstrated linking drops into corners by line choice and braking areas. Soon they were riding the entire trail end to end and loving it as they felt in control and smooth, the speed went up too!
 Now when they turned up the previous night an camped before their session , they had a look round and never thought they'd do all 3 learner drops let alone the 6ft tabletop and gap jump but 4 hours into the session they were happy to see me demonstrate it and then they followed and flew over the tabletop with whoops of joy, Leon and then Darren rode the 6ft gap jump too and the pair were giggling like children afterwards.
 Thanks for being part of an awesome session guys!

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  1. Ok, so where do I start?....

    I can only speak for myself on this and I am sure Darren will be along shortly to post his experience!

    For a living I am a coach & trainer myself and therefore I know how difficult it is for someone to adapt themselves to the different types of people that are put in front of them and subsequently that left me feeling excited yet apprehensive about the day (and spending the money!).

    No fear...

    As the day progressed it was clear that Tony had picked up on the different learning styles of both Darren & I and was adapting how and when he coached to achieve our own progression.

    As the day passed I could tell that I was making excellent progress, not just because Tony was telling me but because I was very quickly able to analyse my own mistakes and come up with a solution to correct it! A coaches dream!!

    As mentioned by Tony above, three years ago I had a pretty serious accident on a mountain bike when a jump went badly wrong and the the outcome was a very badly smashed foot - in fact I was told by the Doc's that "They would do their best to fix it but I was to prepare for the worst case scenario and this meant that amputation was a possible outcome" - the good news is that I kept my foot, all be it with a half ton of titanium holding it together and no flexibility. The accident has meant that my wheels have been FIRMLY planted on the ground for the past two years (a year off the bike due to being in a cast and during rehab) and I never thought that I would ever have the ability to lift the wheels or have any the same control I had on the bike prior to the accident. WRONG!

    In one day Tony has taught me practical skills that have not only given me back control of my bike in berms, flat corners, switchbacks & rock gardens, he has helped me to find a level of grip I never had before.

    But here's the biggy...... Tony has given me the mental skills and frame of mind to get my wheels off the ground again and after just the one day with him I am confident on flat drops, drops to transition, tabletops & GAP JUMPS! I can not believe it!!!!

    This is probably the best day I have ever had on a mountain bike on so many levels and once I have practiced the learning from my day with Tony - I will be going back to see him to progress to the next level (and then the next and the next, I think you get my point!).

    If you are reading this is contemplation whether to book to go and see Tony, then just pick up the phone or email Tony and don't hang around thinking "Is it worth it?"....because it is!!!!!!

    Thank you Tony, you are a top coach and a great guy and I can't wait to get back there and take it to the next level. Keep and eye out on your email as I'll be sending you some top pics from the Alps in a few weeks time.

    Thanks again buddy.

    Kind Regards