Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Paul's freeride focus session


Paul has been to me for coaching 3 times before in a group session but wanted a one to one to really focus on him alone as he wanted a freeride/north shore focused session.
I began with showing him 2 ways to dismount on woodwork to give him a control over his bike if he felt a loss of balance.
With that we proceeded with riding a low ladder that leads to a 2ft drop and worked on that before moving to a ladder that's higher and larger drop wise. Now with his ability to control his bike high up Paul rode smoothly the drop and linked it into a wooden berm too.

I then began working on another section, a step up to a platform and a step down. We worked on this until it was smooth and then Paul linked it to the drop and wooden berm to smiles all round.

We then moved onto a larger ladder drop that was claustrophobic in appearance and worked on line choice into a corner and he rode that easily and very controlled.
Next, was another gap, ladder drop and Paul used his mental skills here and applied his push as ever and landed sweetly. To finish off our session he then linked that into a 9ft gap jump that linked to a berm too!

Paul himself, called an end to the session with it having far exceed his expectations and hopes.
A great session and a pleasure to have spent the time with him.

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  1. Fantastic day , really exceeded my expectations and although some of the the sections were daunting the skills installed by Tony gave me the self belief to know that if i committed & applied them I would make each section being worked on. That mental state of mind truly allows you to stride forward in a controlled progressive manner. Thanks again Tony, the inner child is truly awake!!