Monday, 6 June 2011

Mark's all round skills session

On meeting Mark, I put him through my skills check where I discover what's missing and more importantly, what's present in his riding skills.
I found he needed looking and body positioning work in corners and a set up tweak and looking skills in straight on sections.
We moved onto the drops and Mark quickly rode them perfectly and quickly became the theme for the day as when we moved onto the skills trail I worked on speed manuals and pumping. Linked into flat , bermed, switchback and off camber corners. Rock gardens, steps, jump fly outs and drops. As we moved down the trail , Mark became quicker and quicker and it was clear I was looking at a possible top 3 time wise down the trail top to bottom.

I worked hard with Mark on linking drops into berms and once corrected he rode top to bottom faster and faster until he was joint fastest over all with Ben all those months ago.
I moved us off the trail before his form began undoing so the skills stayed solid and moved onto jumping tabletops.

Mark had tried them before at trail centers but now he floated over them easily and I was even able to teach him to style it a bit too!
He then rode the gap jump side too and styled it for good measure.
Awesome session!!!!


  1. Well done brother, looks like you enjoyed yourself

  2. Tony, just wanted to say that our session yesterday was awesome.
    I'm still buzzing and cant wait for 17:00 so I can get out again and put into practice on more familiar trails the skills you've planted in my head.
    As soon as I've perfected my tabletop, left hand right pocket technique I'll send you over some pictures :)
    Looking and Footwork will be continually running through my head on any ride until its second nature.
    Hopefully see you again in 3 months


  3. Yes he's fast I can vouch for that, but now he's going to be even faster!!!
    Have to let his tires down. He needs to join some races now - do you agree? Rokcruz sponsored :)

  4. So the pressure is on for the rest of now ! I'll have to up my game on thursdays uplift day :o)