Friday, 6 May 2011

The return of Steve, Alex and Paul

Steve, Alex and Paul had been with me last year and it was great to see the coaching had paid off and was recognizable in them . They wanted to develop their jumping mostly but I found that carrying speed through berms needed work too so I set about my work as usual.
As always I began with drops and worked on body position in flight and moving the bike in the air.
I then worked on linking drops into berms too and found that body position needed working on and also the mental skill set too.
I moved onto an isolated berm and we gradually added speed into it and carried it through.
After a while I moved us onto a wooden berm and once again used the same technique there too.
We then moved back to the drop into the berm and they all rode it more controlled and the speed came naturally.

We then moved onto the 6ft tabletop and to everyone's surprise, they all cleared it in no time at all. They all then rode the gap jump side too. Time and again they rode the jumps before I once more worked on their mental skill set as I showed a 9ft gap jump. Both Steve and Alex declared mental tiredness at this point but both said they feel if fresh they could ride it. Paul then stepped in and rode it smoothly and rode into the following berm too.
The session came to an end to cold beers in the sunshine and smiles all round.


  1. Thanks for another great day Tony and working on the cornering with us. As you said it was needed and now that fundamentals have been put in place I should, with time and practise, get the cornering to be second nature in both directions so I will no longer feel like Derek Zoolander who said "I'm not an ambi-turner". Great to see Paul clear the big nine foot double several times at the end of the day and Steve sail over the double when he was saying he wouldn't even do the table top at the start of the day :-D. Great, weather, great company, great training great place to learn. What more can you ask for? Cheers

  2. Great day, Thanks Tony for all you patience encouragement and sound advice in helping me deal with my demons. It was nice to go home with a big smile knowing Iv`e actually progressed. It was a wonderful day and seeing the improvement in Alex and Paul was just so inspiring. Weather great an ice cold beer to celebrate at the end It was truly one of the best days this year. Thanks Man

  3. Wow what a glorious day! Thanks Tony for all your words of wisdom. Such a great feeling knowing that my riding ability has come on significantly, and really great seeing the progression in Steve & Alex too.
    I know we all left Herts ecstatic with our achievemnents.

    Thanks again for the beer and I will be back for another session for sure.