Friday, 28 May 2010

Paul and Alex move their comfort zones

Paul is a returning client of mine and along with him came Alex. As always the skills check was done and I identified some missing skills and immediately began correcting them. We then worked through the unweighting, pumping and jumping techniques. Slowly things began to really take shape.
We moved onto the 1st coaching trail and worked on cornering and after breaking the trail into segments we linked all the section together using braking zones where necessary.
We then moved onto a trail with gap doubles, larger drop and tighter corners and began linking each section together. Now Paul and Alex began developing their mental skill set as they concentrated and remained mentally relaxed whilst completing each section smoothly.
The gap double at the end was an issue mentally at first but after a speed check run both of them smoothly rode it just like the other sections.
A great day and I look forward to their ongoing contact with me.
High5 guys!


  1. What a day.

    As experienced before, the friendly calm approach from Tony puts you instantly at ease and really allows the instruction to came across. And what a differrence that instruction makes.

    As Tony says, I am a returning client and wish I could have taken a follow up lesson earlier but injury prevented that. Mentally relaxing was proving an issue by the end of the session due to fatigue starting to appear and the desire to just keep riding, but the techniques really inspire you and allow you to ride with confidence.

    Rider safety is paramount to Tony and he keeps a watchful eye on riders, providing inspirational comments balanced to the riders abilities.

    Truely a positive balanced coaching experience. Thanks again Tony


  2. I used to ride with guys who had the same skills and abilities as me until they they went on training sessions with Tony and I was left behind, way behind. We used to look at doubles and say “we’ll leave it for another day” and now they were doing them and I will still making my excuses. I knew I had to go on a training course if I wanted to progress and by the end of the four hour session I had progressed beyond my expectations.

    Tony is an excellent coach who has great technical ability and inspires confidence in his pupils. He will take you through the training at your own pace and by the end of the session you will be left stunned by how much your riding abilities have improved in such a short space of time. What surprised me most by the end of the session was the amount of nonsense perpetuated by mates, magazines and biking forums on the subject of skill.

    It is the best money I have spent on my hobby. I was completely stoked that I successfully cleared the double in the picture above by the end of the session as I thought the earliest I would have the confidence to try it would be at least until the autumn. More importantly I cleared it without any fear of crashing having become that confident in my abilities after Tony’s coaching.

    I recommend the next spending you do when it comes to mtb is with UK Bike Skills whether you are new to the sport or a veteran.

    Cheers Tony for very enjoyable and rewarding training session.