Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Getting Craig's wings back

  Craig came to me a couple of years ago and attended a public singletrack session. His riding improved no end from that session but he felt that he was missing something again and that he'd like to learn to jump properly like he did as a kid on his bmx. I adjusted his bike for him at his request and made some subtle adjustment to his set up and that made an immediate difference. We began with the drop technique and the effect of applying his corrected skills sets to getting air was stunning. I was even able to show Craig why his skills sets allowed stye to be added in the air. We moved to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump to work on effort for distance and speed needed, boom! he was flying easier than he ever felt before and then added style just as he used to as a child.
 I moved to cornering and really worked on an error in his right turns before working on absorbing and pumping multiple sections of a trail to gain speed before railing three berms and styling a jump.
 After a break we worked on a 9ft gap jump that is sandwiched betwixt two berms and that proved easy now to craig as time and again he sailed over it and eventually rode the sections before it including a 7ft gap. We moved to a new trail to work on linking gap jumps in  a series and that stunned Craig as now he wasn't thinking about why to do something, it was already becoming an unconscious action. Craig was knackered but still wanted to apply his new skills to another jump and he was eyeing a 12ft gap jump, I demonstrated and soon Craig followed suit and sailed over it three times on the bounce using less effort and more speed as he was tiring and after 4 hours of concentration, Craig ended the session himself a very happy rider.

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  1. Nice buddy.. hope to se you upp here in Norway some day so we can go ride some bikes :) Check out Hafjell´s Rollercouster.. The best track in Norway.. We are there offten..