Monday, 18 November 2013

18th November public jumps and drops session

 Paul and Alan were unable to attend so we went ahead with Declan, Ian and Simon. The skills check showed I needed to work on both body positioning and Looking in their physical skills and also their mental skills too.
I was able to show styling it in the air during the drop technique and they applied their skills to this. I did some work on cornering as there was only 3 of them and that work really paid off, especially when linking drops into corners.
We moved to jumping and 1st with a 6ft tabletop and later we moved to another trail where i was able to work on pumping, jumping and manualing sections of a trail and even worked on carrying speed through berms.
amazing session with 3 cool guys


  1. I learnt so much today, the pace was perfect, Tony's coaching style really worked well for me, the training facilities were great and everything just fitted together perfectly. The extra work on cornering was an unexpected bonus that really helped. Thanks for a perfect day of training Jedi master! :-)

  2. Had another blast Tony!
    Your coaching really cemented my skills and I found I understood better.
    I was at Lee Quarry on Wednesday on the single track descent back to the carpark I was able to ride a jump and link a maunal the other side; it felt good! Once I done it I thought that coaching form Tony really works!
    Nice too meet you Simon & Ian hopefully see you out on the trails?