Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ruslan's emergence

Ruslan contacted me for a one to one session after trying to get a group together but decided to go ahead himself.
He has only ridden mtb for 8 months so it was good to see that during the skills check he had already developed some very good skills but didn't recognise them.
I then began installing the missing skills and also bringing to the forefront the already natural skills he had.
the pumping and bunny hop technique came quite easily as soon as Ruslan began using the four skills that make up each and every technique.
Next came the drop technique and soon Rus was landing smoothly, booth wheels together.
Now it came time to go onto a trail and work on the nine sections contained within. To begin with me worked on each section methodically before linking them all together. corners, roll downs and drops were linked smoothly and effortlessly and Ruslan's mental skills really began to blossom as confidence flourished from his commitment to each section.
Finally we rode the trail end to end a few times and each time Ruslan commented on how smooth it felt.
Awesome session!

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  1. Didn't rush to leave feedback as was well curious to discover myself *new* after tuition. Can easily see a big difference into the riding, did ride some local trails in Surrey Hills, Swinley and saw very clear how easy to get the Flaw.
    Afan's White's level opened up all (new) skills and mindset of me. Riding now is so easy and technical feautures as steps cleared with ease. Still struggling at table tops, and jumps but guess not enough of experience in trail to give it that much needed speed.