Thursday, 8 July 2010

Keith's one to one session

Keith contacted me after reading about my coaching on the muddymoles website.
As usual, I put him through the skills health check where I identify what's missing skills wise but also as importantly what is already present. I found that Keith needed work on looking into the next and his footwork but that he also pushed the bike naturally.
We then moved onto pumping and the disconnected bunny hop, both techniques Keith got to grips with pretty quickly. In fact, on leaving the pumping trail Keith moved into 2nd place overall for the rider who went furthest.
Then we worked on the drop technique and began working on Keith's mental skill set.
Gradually Keith became accustomed to the technique and could recognize any error skills wise.
Airtime was the next natural step.
I then moved onto a trail which has 9 sections in total and broke it down into 3 segments, working on the top one first and it's corners.
In a short while and using a few little tweaks I got Keith's footwork and looking really working well and his speed grew but also his control of it.
We worked our way down the trail and it's sections within in a controlled manner and worked on each.
We ended after a great top to bottom run of the trail and the flow really began to shine through and each section on it just became another section be it a drop, corner or linked section.

great session!

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  1. What a difference a day makes! Actually just a half day. I contacted Tony after a tumble on the Surrey Hills and as the summer kicks in the Muddymoles inevitably are attracted to more technical rides. Tony has an ability to find the keys that unlock doors that other coaches cannot. I am so motivated after his session and can fully recommend his training.

    Thanks Jedi