Friday, 5 February 2010

A day with Travis and friends

Now when this group contacted me they said they want to work on cornering and also some of them had confidence problems on certain obstacles on trails, so I had an idea of where the group was as a whole. We worked on pumping then I demonstrated it's application to jumping.
The group took to it like a bird to the air.

We then moevd to a trail and broke it into 3 sections. here's Travis on a section.We worked on stitching the flow of the trail together and dealing with the sections with commitmnet and confidence. Jason showed how to deal with the drop section.
The day continued on to various other trails and the crew all showed a new skill set and it was smiles all round!
Thanks to the uk-mtb crew for their patience and hard work today.


  1. Cheers Tony. Without doubt the best investment I've ever made in my moutain biking. Chips in the pub at the end were damn good too!

  2. that is such a kind remark to make, thank you

  3. Thanks Tony. What a fantastic day. Thorougly enjoyed it. Your instruction excels with the briefness of your words. You've given my a shed load of confidence :)

    +1 for the chips and the sweet chilli dip!

  4. Tony, just wanted to pop on and say how stoked I am after my first commute home from work since your skills day. What is usually a monotonous journey around Richmond Park was much more fun as I was able to see the difference when riding a familiar route. Flat corners which usually require a comfort brake when approached at speed were prepared for much earlier and so could be taken flat out and I got a record amount of air off the little kicker I always go out of my way to hit. Even unforeseen obstacles placed to deter cyclists on some unofficial riding trails could be taken with minimal braking.

    Can't wait to get out and do some proper riding.

    Thanks again Tony.