Saturday, 30 January 2010

Niki's Intermediate one to one at Woburn.

Niki had previously attended a group session with me so she knew the skillset requirements.
I began by demonstrating and then teaching the foundation of bike skills, pumping.
Niki said she has a fear of steep decents and that she feels out of control, so i worked with her on braking and control which built up her commitment and confidence .
Niki picked up cornering really well and once three of the skils were in place ,we started adding speed. her confidence grew and grew.
Now a BIG fear of niki's are drops/steps so we worked on that for a while and quickly over came it.
Over all a really progressive day that gently moved along technically whilst remaining well within a comfort zone.
thanks Nik for another great day.


  1. Today was really good conditions wise too

  2. Thanks for another great day!

    Once again Tony made me feel at ease very quickly. His style of coaching is so subtle he has you doing things without you realising it!
    I found my confidence grew so much and I really enjoyed riding today. Even with a rotten hangover, I was smiling all day!
    Can't wait to get out on the bike again tmrw :-D