Wednesday, 11 November 2009


today i had 4 clients,
rob,deano,chris and will.
the day started out imparting the skills and indentifying sections etc..

the day ended with trails flowed. the techniques for jumping,drops,corners and cambers were taught

thanks guys for an awesome day!

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  1. Before this course I done all I could to avoid berms / off camber sections as much as I possibly could (mainly due to my retarded approach and lack of skill set), after the course I found a whole new flow has been added to my riding toolbox. I now love the berm experience and feel confidence in riding them. No matter what level you are at within your abilities UK Bike Skills will open up many more avenues and only excel your technical ability to ride a bike. Tony Doyle is set far away from other mentors in my experience in his mind set, the whole vibe is welcoming, professional and inspiring.